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Martin's Evidence

Martin’s Evidence is a monthly newsletter, where you can expect further studies on growth, customer acquisition and retention, funding, product-market fit, innovative business models, startup ecosystems, mentorship and networking, but also why startups fail.

Who Am I?

I look young, but I am not :)

My name is Martin Kozar and I have been involved in marketing for more than 15 years, currently I work as

  • Head of Strategy in an advertising agency taking care of clients such as Coca-Cola, Mastercard, Jaguar

  • and as Chief Marketing Officer for a company selling investment gold.

  • I also have extensive experience working for SaaS and HaaS startups with a global focus.

I believe that together with science we can help many startups around the world and improve the lives of many of their customers.

Get ready for more interesting studies!

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